Atelier Art Services and Storage Celebrates 30 Years!

This year marks Atelier Art Services and Storage's 30th Anniversary!  

Atelier Art Services, Inc. was established in 1986 by Hal Jones.  As a long-time employee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Jones understood the need for a high standard of quality control within the art industry and founded Atelier to fill that niche.  Atelier began with a strategic vision to innovate new systems for the safe transport and packing of fine arts and antiques that utilized new materials and techniques while implementing museum-quality installation practices.  Today, the once revolutionary practices of Atelier Art Services, Inc. have become the industry standard.

Recognized for its excellence since its 1986 inception, Atelier has become a regional stronghold with international status.  Atelier has had the privilege of handling some of the most prominent art moves of the century, including the relocation of the renowned Barnes Foundation Collection — over four thousand of the world’s most important works of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art.  Other moves entrusted to Atelier were of the priceless Rittenhouse Orrery Clock, Thomas Eakin’s Gross Clinic, and the irreplaceable Dead Sea Scrolls,  among countless others.  Regionally, Atelier works directly with nearly every major cultural institution and prominent private collection in Philadelphia and New York as well as major national and international galleries, museums, and institutions.

While Atelier Art Services, Inc. provided art services such as installation, packing, crating, and transportation, it was clear that the industry had an additional need for fine art storage.  In 2007 Atelier expanded upon the core focus of art services and founded a sister company, Atelier Art Storage, LLC.

Atelier Art Storage, LLC was built to exceed American Association of Museum (AAM) guidelines and provides the Philadelphia community and the greater Northeast region with both climate and non-climate controlled fine art storage. The 75,000 square foot storage facility is strategically located within close proximity to Philadelphia’s major cultural institutions.

Today, Atelier is continually expanding our services provided to meet the ever growing needs of our clients.  With the opening of Atelier Delaware in 2015, Atelier has grown to be the trusted art services and storage company in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Atelier Art Services and Storage is excited to see what the next 30 years brings!