19th-Century Painting of Washington and Rochambeau at Siege of Yorktown Installed at Museum of American Revolution

Atelier Art Services was chosen to handle the complex installation of this oversized work earlier this year. The exceptionally large painting, measuring 14-by-17 feet (16-by-19 framed), is a hand-painted copy of French artist Louis Charles-Auguste Couder’s Siege of Yorktown (1781). The museum opens today and we are excited to see this monumental piece again! 

(c) John McGinnis

(c) John McGinnis

Protecting Your Art During Transportation

Pall Mall Art Advisors featured an article from us with tips on services, transportation, and insurance.  

At Atelier, we have seen it all! Plastic stuck to the face of an important Andy Warhol screen print, a heavy marble sculpture packed in a scrap-wood crate with only hay acting as a cushion, a crate arriving with only duct tape holding the lid on. In all of these cases, the short-cuts were misguided efforts to save a little money. But conservation costs, insurance coordination, and re-tracing where things went wrong results in the loss of even more time and resources.

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Dietrich Estate Donation to Philadelphia Museum of Art

We are pleased to have been behind the scenes working with the Dietrich estate to collect, pack, and disperse these treasures. Definitely a project to remember! 

"These are great benefactions, an amazing legacy here at the museum, and one that will continue to influence our work," Rub said of the Dietrich gift. "They're really transformational because we couldn't go out and get additional Agnes Martins or the Gustons or the Twomblys, certainly. The Hopper, of course, would have always been beyond our reach to acquire by purchase. So these are things that really deepen and strengthen our collection in really significant ways." -

NYT Article

ArtNet Article

Atelier in The New York Times

October 25, 2015

Very excited to be featured in The New York Times article, Art Collectors Find Safe Harbor in Delaware’s Tax Laws, discussing our new 50,000 square-foot, climate controlled storage facility in Delaware.  

"As interest in art as an investment — not a wall hanging — grows, the appeal of storing it tax free while it possibly appreciates in value has grown, too, spurring the expansion of free ports in Geneva and elsewhere in Europe and Asia. Owners do not have to pay import or export taxes when they ship to and from those locations." -  Graham Bowley for The New York Times 

Atelier Art Services Assists in PAFA’S "LAOCOӦN" LOAN

August 24, 2015

PAFA's blog post, PAFA's Laocoӧn on Loan, discusses our role in disassembling, packaging, and transporting Laocoӧn and His Sons from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  

Although the cast shows Laocoӧn and his sons writhing in a struggle to disentangle themselves from the serpent, the Atelier crew had no trouble extricating each piece as they took apart the cast.  Workers carefully wrapped and labeled each piece, preparing the Laocoӧn to be shipped to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where it will be featured in the upcoming exhibition The Wrath of the Gods: Masterpieces by Rubens, Michelangelo, and Titan, opened on September 12. - ZP Heller

The Philadelphia Museum of Art exhibition is open through December 6th.  

Watch a time-lapse video of the move.