Atelier's Founder Interviewed on The Whitney Move

April 29, 2014

The New York Times interviewed Hal Jones, Atelier Art Services & Storage Founder, For the Whitney’s Move, Boxes and Burly Men Just Won’t Do.

The company [Atelier Art Services & Storage] spent six months creating the packaging for the Barnes move. Crates were packed inside of crates. Art was insulated with specialized foam, which was customized, based on the weight of each object.

The art traveled in Atelier’s climate-controlled trucks, which are equipped with a cushioning suspension system. Not all the art went over at once, to avoid attracting attention and snarling traffic. - Robin Pogrebin for The New York Times

Atelier Art Services Moved the Barnes Foundation

June 12, 2012

The Philadelphia Inquirer's article, Atelier Art's moving story about the priceless Barnes collectionabout the relocation of the Barnes Foundation.

What helped sell the Barnes on Atelier, which had moved some of the foundation's works in the early 1990s when they went on tour, is that the company understood the complexity of the job and had proposed a plan that involved "creative and simple solutions on how to pack," Leeman said. At the core were Atelier-designed insulated crates. - Diane Mastrull for The Philadelphia Inquirer

Blouin's Artinfo also featured the Barnes Foundation relocation in their article, The Sculptor-Turned-Art Shipper Who Moved the Barnes Foundation.