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Dietrich Estate Donation to Philadelphia Museum of Art

We are pleased to have been behind the scenes working with the Dietrich estate to collect, pack, and disperse these treasures. Definitely a project to remember! 

"These are great benefactions, an amazing legacy here at the museum, and one that will continue to influence our work," Rub said of the Dietrich gift. "They're really transformational because we couldn't go out and get additional Agnes Martins or the Gustons or the Twomblys, certainly. The Hopper, of course, would have always been beyond our reach to acquire by purchase. So these are things that really deepen and strengthen our collection in really significant ways." -

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Atelier in The New York Times

October 25, 2015

Very excited to be featured in The New York Times article, Art Collectors Find Safe Harbor in Delaware’s Tax Laws, discussing our new 50,000 square-foot, climate controlled storage facility in Delaware.  

"As interest in art as an investment — not a wall hanging — grows, the appeal of storing it tax free while it possibly appreciates in value has grown, too, spurring the expansion of free ports in Geneva and elsewhere in Europe and Asia. Owners do not have to pay import or export taxes when they ship to and from those locations." -  Graham Bowley for The New York Times 

Atelier's Founder Interviewed on The Whitney Move

April 29, 2014

The New York Times interviewed Hal Jones, Atelier Art Services & Storage Founder, For the Whitney’s Move, Boxes and Burly Men Just Won’t Do.

The company [Atelier Art Services & Storage] spent six months creating the packaging for the Barnes move. Crates were packed inside of crates. Art was insulated with specialized foam, which was customized, based on the weight of each object.

The art traveled in Atelier’s climate-controlled trucks, which are equipped with a cushioning suspension system. Not all the art went over at once, to avoid attracting attention and snarling traffic. - Robin Pogrebin for The New York Times